Your Surimail email account is yours forever. If you change your job, school, home address and Internet service provider, you need not change your email address.

After signing up for an email account you will be able to send and receive emails immediately. The registration will just take you a few minutes. You do not need to have any software at all. Just
sign up and you are ready to go right away...

Your email adress will look like, where username can be anything you like!

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Free 4 Ever
Surimail email accounts are free for everyone to use. There are no hidden costs for our email service.

Personal, private and secure
When signing up for an email account, you will get a unique and personal username and a password you select. The only way you can access your account is by the correct password and username. If you share a computer or internet access, or if you need a personal account to access from work, the secure servers will keep your messages private. You can access your Surimail account even if you use a computer at a public terminal or a friend's house.

Globally Accessible
Your email account lets you send and receive messages from any computer in the world that has Web access. That makes it easy to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts, regardless of your location.

Quick, Easy and Versatile
Using is easy. Just log into your account with your username and password and begin to Read, Write and Send messages. You can even store up your contacts in the "Address Book". You can send messages with attachments, organize them in folders, save drafts, and customize signatures.

Spam Filters
All of Surimail email accounts have spam filters. This way you can protect your email account from unsollicited emails.

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